A simple buyers guide for Battery Storage

Sourcing the right Battery Storage system for your home needn't be difficult. The first thing you need to decide on is whether you require an AC or a DC Battery Storage System to work with your existing Solar PV system.

If you purchased the system from us then we can tell you over the telephone, if you've purchased your Solar PV System from another supplier, then we can visit your home and have a look.

So that's the first decision to make. Then it's a question of selecting the right Inverter product and the right amount of batteries for your home.

Solax is our product of choice for DC Solar PV Systems, with Sofar Solar being our AC equivalent. 

Our battery of choice is the Pylontech range of batteries. The new US200B battery from Pylontech offers the perfect scalable storage solution. With each battery boasting 2.4kwh of potential storage capacity, you're free to scale up your system how you like, enabling up to 5.7kwh of usable energy (based on the 3 batteries). 

We recommend you give us a call or fill in an enquiry form to ensure you get the the rght blend and combination of products to meet your requirements.

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