VOLTY is our best selling Voltage Reduction product. All of your domestic appliances are designed to run off of 220 volts yet the UK National Grid pumps out power at 240 volts.
This situation came about as a result of a dispute between the UK government and the big energy suppliers back in the 1990's. We were supposed to follow the rest of Europe on 220 Volts but the Government of the day and the big energy companies refused to pay for it, so now we're left with that power surplus legacy.
When you buy an electrical product in the UK, you're essentially purchasing something that's designed for the European marketplace. It's a bit of a power paradox. You'll know this because the product will carry a CE mark, meaning that it's designed to work at 220, not 240 Volts.
So in effect, you've always been paying too much for your electricity, because every appliance you've ran, has been needlessly over-powered.
VOLTY fixes this by dropping your domestic voltage from 240 down to 220 volts. By doing this you'll not only save heaps of money (17% on average) but increase the life-span of your products. For homes with existing Solar PV installations, the VOLTY is also a double-whammy, as it prevents energy lockouts, which are common on such systems (20% on average).
So the big takeout here is that VOLTY will reduce your electricty bills by 17% (On average) whilst increasing the lifespan of your domestic electrical products. And it's no suprise then that this information has been conveniently kept away from the public for so long.

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