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    AC Inverter & Battery system.
    £2795 - £4695

    This bundle is ideal for households that have an existing AC Solar PV installation.
    Simply add this bundle to your current Solar System and start storing energy for your own domestic use. Check out our simple buyers guide.
    Inverter and battery options:
    1 x Sofar Solar ME3000SP Inverter.
    Choice of 1,2 or 3, x 2.4kwh Pylontech
    Li-ion battery options.

    Product Description

    Simple and Reliable
    Exchange energy via the electrical grid, no coupling with the PV inverter, mature technology, simple and reliable. Can integrate with all grid-tied renewable systems, including solar, wind.
    Easy installation
    Compatible with all existing grid-tied PV inverters. 
    No need to upgrade the distribution system. 
    Uses a split-core CT, no need to disconnect the electrical grid.
    Operates when the grid fails
    Supports the stand alone mode (like UPS), ensures the safe operation of the critical load.
    Flexible discharging solution
    Flexible charge/discharge management according to local policy, ensures max revenue. 
    Increases self-consumption of solar pv generated electricity rate (from 20% to 70%).
    Pylontech Battery
    The new US200B battery from Pylontech offers the perfect scalable storage solution. With each battery boasting 2.4kwh of potential storage capacity the customer is free to scale their system how they like, enabling up to 5.7kwh of usable energy (based on the 3 batteries). The Phantom-S is fully compatible with the Sofar Solar Inverters..
    Key Features
    Plug and Play Installation
    Increased life span – highly cost effective
    Wide temperature tolerance
    Intelligent BMS reporting alarms in real time
    >6000 cycles
    Scalable system comes in 2.4kwh units
    80% Depth of Discharge (DOD)

    Warranty details
    Sofar Solar ME3000 inverter comes with a standard 5 year warranty.
    2.4kwh Pylontech Li-ion battery – 5 year product – 10 year life span
    Warranty documents are available on request and are supplied as part of the installation within the customer handover pack.

    Combinations include